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What you might use Exact for.

For new construction, remodels, facility analysis, planning, costing.

A well done project can be built more economically and efficiently.

Energy efficient ‘green’ buildings reduce monthly cost by 70%.

A well designed building is worth more at resale.

Buildings are complicated, we are experts.

Health and life are valuable, design to protect life.

Buildings are part of your image.  Town. Neighborhood Business. Home.


We and our consultant team of professional engineers, architects, and designers are able and experienced in completing design and construction administration for homes, offices, sporting complexes, historic buildings and facilities. We have a high level of expertise in projects and have assembled a team of architects and engineers with experience unique in the industry. We are confident in the proven abilities of our team on completed, successful projects and offer the ability to complete your project on time and budget with a creative, client focused solution!


We approach each project with willingness to incorporate your goals and vision with our combined experience. It is our goal to complete a small amount of special buildings each year, thus making sure you receive a perfect experience and full access to your architects and engineers. Our vision for your project will begin at your direction and work to bring a bright and pleasant sense to the interior of the building, while allowing for a unique and durable exterior and site landscape. After working with you to complete the design, our team will work with you to successfully complete the code requirements and develop a final set of construction documents. We look forward to working with you and successfully demonstrating how our passion for design and attention to the client create a wonderful working environment!


Included on your project are core sustainable points to improve the energy performance and quality of the air and light in the building. This enhanced sustainability is one of our professional programs that does not add cost to the project, but relies on a method of deliberately considering each space and user and providing them with the best possible indoor environment. It is our goal that you will have a project that meets and exceeds the energy code and standard in design.

We Have a Strong Team

We have assembled a team with each licensed professional necessary to complete the drawings pertaining to all planning, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design work. Your project will include many steps; however we have completed a great number of similar projects and will be able complete this in an efficient and creative manner. Exact will provide single source design, coordination, and construction administration to offer a clear and simple process that reduces waste and improves communication.

We Offer Quality Assurance

Exact utilizes the architect as a single source client contact for a final quality and professional review. To assist with quality in advance of the final review, each licensed architect or engineer is first responsible for preliminary reviews and quality; each consultant firm also has internal quality control programs in place. The architect’s office will continually coordinate and review documents for accuracy and intent, as each project is a custom and unique design. After the final review has been completed, accuracy is guaranteed by the design team to meet or exceed the standard of care, at no additional charge to the client. Quality in design, accuracy, and professional relationships are our goal, and you can be confident from our past performance in the success of this project.

We Have the Capacity to Accomplish the Required Services on Schedule and within Budget.
Exact guarantees the ability to begin the design upon selection and contract. Each will assign one principal with the required staff and licensure to this project until completion. The architect will manage and coordinate the design team through project completion.