Exact Develop Design Build

We Develop, Design, Build our projects or handle any individual component for our clients.

“We believe that Design Build is a better way to provide our clients a building without all the barriers.  It works by giving clients what they want the same way BMW, Apple, or LG have become so respected.” -Caleb Buland, AIA

Clear and Exceptional Visioning

Place is at the core of what we do as architects and builders. Our goal is to envision a wonderful structure for each client.  Our delivery team includes a board certified architect, a licensed general contractor, and an entire team of supervisors, engineers, and builders.  Together, we offer a strong architectural vision and a clear business organization to bring the project to realization.

Single Source Responsibility

Exact is the single entity to take full responsibility for design, construction and completion of the project to a high level; delivering the project on time and on budget. Natural benefits include more collaboration and reduced risk with complete information available to any member of the team.  When each idea is generated, all team members make decisions with a cooperative approach for greater efficiency and a better project for the same time and money invested.

Cost Control Trust

Exact offers cost certain, proven work across the Midwest.  Savings and budget control are achieved through better planning and a guaranteed price to the owners. Each owner can exercise his or her desired degree of control over design, with the added advantage of knowing the cost implications of each decision as they happen. At each milestone owners have the ability to make adjustments and improvements before the project can move into the subsequent phase.

Quality Control Assurance

We approach each project with willingness to incorporate the client’s goals and vision with our combined experience.   Our experience and track record provide exceptional quality and our delivery milestones provide assurance the project will be correct.

Team Driven Rapid Delivery

With our design build approach communication is immediate and schedules are reduced by up to 40%.  This cuts many owner and lender costs while producing an equal or improved building as compared to the typical design, bid, build approach.

Our Design Build Deliverable:

“Plan your work for today and every day, and then work your plan.” -Margaret Thatcher

1. Program of spaces and requirements

We propose to design, build, and warranty your building with an exceptional level of service and skill.  At your direction we will engage to create a design that satisfies your requirements and build the design to meet budget.  We will do so with one point of contact and a clear goal in mind.

Initial Program (Example)

5,000 SF one story building with 40 parking spots (1:8 parking)

1.   Reception area – 250 SF

2.   Conference room – 300 SF

3.   Meeting room – 1,250 SF

4.   Executive office – 300 SF

5.   Private offices – 3 @ 150 SF each

6.   Café – 200 SF

7.   Storage room – 250 SF

8.   Accessible restrooms – 2 @ 150 SF each

9.   Bullpen and circulation – 1,575 SF

10. Mechanical room – 125 SF

2. Design renderings and finish selections


3. Construction documents


4. Construction schedule


5. Successful construction milestone reviews


6. Certificate of occupancy


7. Completed punch list


8. Final warranty paperwork and walkthrough


Project Milestones

1.1 Client interview meeting

1.2 Project coordination and kickoff meeting

1.3 Space planning and programming meeting

1.4 Budget and schedule meeting.

1.4 Space, program, and budget milestone


2.1 Concept design meeting

2.2 User space planning and feedback meetings

2.3 Concept design milestone


3.1 Design development and budget review meeting.

3.2 Design development milestone.

3.3 Construction documents and details review meeting

3.4 Budget review and final document review meeting

3.5 Construction milestone.


4.1 Site construction meeting.

4.2 Exterior enclosure meeting.

4.3 Interior build out meeting.

4.4 Project completion milestone


5.1 Owner move in and follow up milestone.


1. Happy Clients

2. Buildings on time and budget


 historic-exterior-kansas-city-2 historic-exterior-witchita historic-interior-9