Sustainable and Green

“Workers who moved from conventional office buildings to environmentally friendly “green” buildings said they called in sick less often and were more productive, according to a study by a team of Michigan State University researchers.”- American Journal of Public Health Online.

We lead our clients through the building design process and can offer energy audits, green or sustainable design, and payback calculations as part of our professional services. Here are a few of the green certifications we work with to cut energy expenses by any percentage you choose:


Improving Energy,Environment+Experience

E3 is our proprietary green certification that is provided at no fee to the project. We use published standards combined with 3d modeling to provide an improvement in three major areas. First, we model the building to reduce the solar energy transferred inside the building. Second, Finally, we increase the quality of air in the facility by managing VOC’s, increase the natural light in each space, and specify more stringent air scrubbing and mixing standards for healthy occupants. All of these standard practices add huge value to the project, reduce operating costs, and reduce the energy costs, help the environment, and improve the experience of each owner. E3 is only available through our architecture team, new projects are welcome!


The U.S. Green Building Council rating

LEED is the most comprehensive green building certification in the United States. As U.S. Green Building Council members and LEED accredited professionals the partners at Intelligent Line have the ability and experience to deliver the design, energy modeling, and certification required to reduce or eliminate site pollution, waste, the use of fossil fuels and potable water. We suggest LEED for every client but offer many options to green buildings, either way, let us help you chart a course for a great project!

Energy Star
Energy star is a certification available on appliances, air handling equipment, and built projects. We design projects using Energy Star certified products and are able to provide Energy Star certified projects to clients as requested. It is exciting to have another performance standard to offer clients as we lead them through the building process!

IBC-The standard in building codes.
The international Building Code energy guidelines provide the minimum standard of insulation, window performance, and calculation basis in most jurisdictions. All of our projects significantly exceed the requirements of IBC and we are proud to suggest methods of reducing the carbon footprint of each project while protecting the bottom line of each client.

“The most criticized issue about constructing environmentally friendly buildings is the price. Photo-voltaics, new appliances, and modern technologies tend to cost more money. Most green buildings cost a premium of [less than] 2%, but yield 10 timesas much [savings] over the entire life of the building. The stigma is between the knowledge of up-front cost vs. life-cycle cost. The savings in money come from more efficient use of utilities which result in decreased energy bills. Also, higher worker or student productivity can be factored into savings and cost deductions. Studies have shown over a 20 year life period, some green buildings have yielded $53 to $71 per square foot back on investment. It is projected that different sectors could save $130 Billion on energy bills.”
^ Langdon, Davis. The Cost of Green Revisited. Publication. 2007.